PROJECT LESSON   (about 100 min)



Possibly with a video message or present from the previous country
"What do trees do for the planet ?"
Children receive an envelope with a drawing & question from the previous school. 
(If this is influencing the students too much they can also receive it after they created their own work)
"What can I do for the planet ?"
Children choose their own eco-tip and create their workdepending on time available could turn into homework.
Children think of a Title for and Question about their work,  They will get a “Forward-Form” to fill in their info.
Children record a short video message or prepare a present for the next country. 

FOLLOW UP LESSON 1  (10 min~50 min)


Students hand in their drawings and  “Forward-Form to be taken to the next country. Should be done before Mies Heerma leaves
Students fill in the  “Reply-Form” and send it off to the previous school. Could be done after Mies Heerma has left. 

FOLLOW UP LESSON 2  (50 min)  1 or 2 months later


  • Receive an envelope with  the drawings from the next school
  • Receive a video from the next school
  • Check out the progress of the Global Tree on the internet



I would like to ask the school  to prepare little square pieces of paper (15/15cm)
 It would be nice if the paper could be;

  • recycled paper ( maybe already used on one side)
  • paper made by the students themselves
  • or something like Elephant poo paper ( sounds smelly but I think its kinda cool)


The children can decide themselves (or the school can do this for them) to make a drawing, painting, collage. 
The work has to be flat though as I will carry it with me. 


To communicate with students from others schools I would like the students to fill in these forms:

  • A FORWARD FORM, to be taken to the next school,  I will take these with me.
  • A REPLY FORM to be send back to the previous school, could be done after my visit. 


The student info forms will be put in envelopes. These could be just normal envelopes, an idea could be to have the students make the envelopes them selves out of old magazines. 


I would love to visualize project and make a movie out of this. The movie would be send back to the previous school and taken to the next school. I realize this might be difficult permission wise so just let me know what you think about it.
 The movie could consist out of 2 parts: 

  • DAILY ROUTINE: Following one student doing his/her daily morning routine from waking up to arriving at school  (Sample movie here)
  • AT SCHOOL: This could be just videoing the lesson or maybe the children can think of a video message for the next/ previous school.


Right now we are making a leaflet of the project. This B5 size leaflet is gonna be printed on one side so the schools can print their own additional information on the backside. Ex. The date of the Project lesson or reasons for joining the project. Once the school decided to join the project I can mail these leaflets to the school


The children's work will be photographed and placed on the internet Global Tree. For a clearer look at the drawings plus informations the site visitor can click on the picture. The picture will open up in Flickr. People can leave comments on the work. Read more about this here.



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