•  Create environmental awareness
  •  Inspire people through original activities

Through  original activities that are fun to take part in and short movies, I hope to get people interested and active in doing something positive for the environment.


In 2005 I started the project called Teku Teku Daimyo. In 2008 the name of the group changed to Teku Teku and made monthly movies with an ECO theme. Beside that we organized events;  Beach cleaningsNo Junkmail sticker competition, Bicycle promotion event. Critical Mass ( Bicycle parade for bicycle lanes) Movie showings, and joined the music events Isla de Salsa and Sunset Live.were we did a lot of body painting. Beginning of 2009 our Logo  ECO-Chan was born. We organized the Teku Teku Tree project where we pulled a real tree on wheels through the city center, spreading the Eco message. In summer, during Isla de Salsa we organized a used clothes swap and a Fun before Fall beach party and the Global Tree Project.

Mies Heerma .


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