We waste tons of paper and millions of Trees are being cut down, for what ?
Information we dont even want, leaflets we don't even read.

In April 2008 Teku Teku Daimyo Project organized a No Junk Mail Sticker Design Contest in Collaboration with the Designing week. 45 Designers from all over Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and New Zealand submitted their work.
The stickers were exhibited in IMS and 1000 people voted for their favorite sticker design. Two different designs were chosen and are on sale now. 
STICKER PROMO MOVIE !! Event Movie , Pictures

  • GOAL  The aim of this sticker is to stop the growth of unsolicited junk mail and the irritation and negative environmental effects that accompanies it.
  • GREEN SUPPORT   The stickers are sold for 100 yen per sticker, 70 yen of this went to the Teku Teku Tree Project.  Movie  Photo's 
  • DEMAND   With this project we tried to show that there is a serious demand for a sticker like this. Many people dont want to receive Junk-mail in their mailbox and are worried about the negative effect the massive amount of wasted resources have on our environment. Within 2 weeks more than 800 stickers have been sold, the response is very positive.
  • HOLLAND   The idea comes from Holland where people have been using this sticker since 1993. Nowadays 13% of the Dutch population has a sticker on their mailbox. See attachment for a recommendation letter from the DDMA about this project.


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