June 2010 my Granddad will turn 100 !!


Time to travel around the world as flying not good for the environment.....




I want to make up for this So I spoke to many people and came up with the following idea;






April 21~25,  2010 The project will start. Children can make a drawing or write a message on a piece of brown paper. All papers together will form the tree trunk


Elementary school kids brainstorm about environmental action. They make a drawing




The drawing will be put in the tree on the net. A copy will be put in an envelope and go to a kid in the next country.


A Child in the next country will make a drawing too. This will be placed on the internet tree and send back to the previous school and so on .




The project movie;  In every country one child will be followed from waking up till arriving at school and joining the project


This movie will be send back to the previous school. In the mean while the tree will grow bigger and bigger. 


April 2011 the GLOBAL TREE  will be exhibited in Fukuoka Japan. 


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