Originally our group was called;

TEKU TEKU DAIMYO Fukuoka, Japan, based volunteer group.
November 2005 I (Mies Heerma) started the project with writing an article in a local magazine called Fukuoka Now.In the article the idea for a car-free Daimyo was presented. There was quite some attention for the idea and turned into a project called Teku Teku Daimyo. Besides trying to get Daimyo or a part of Daimyo car free, the project now also focused on preserving the unique atmosphere of the area. With “Daimyo-Photoshoots” ,meetings, radio interviews, newspaper articles and our TEKU TEKU DAIMYO  website and an interview on NHK news we tried to achieve our goal.
Teku Teku ( stands for the sound of footsteps in Japanese) 

Later  the projects changed with a more overall environmental goal and the name changed to TEKU TEKU  only.


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