Movie Ideas

  • Creating a chain, where the schools send something forward and a reaction to the previous group backwards and so on and so on.
  • Passport to the world: All schools fill a page in the passport with information what to do for the earth
  • Building bridges: The kids build actual bridges ( out of paper or so) that can be used in the movie to connect the countries. Eco-chan could walk over the bridge.
  • Instructions in 3 steps  ( Japanese program 1.2.3.)  Instructions on what steps to take for an environmental improvement in 3 simple steps.
  • Kids make a city scape collage out of old magazines Eco-chan can walk through the city.
  • A puzzle where all schools make a piece of a jigsaw puzzle and it all fits together in the end
  • Role play, miming, using gestures and signs. 
  • Center of our Logo  Eco-chan is a Docodemo door ( Doraemon) The kids can go from one location to the other.
  • Quest / Challenge the kids have to full fill some tasks
  • Message in a bottle, the kids write down their message, question etc and put it in a bottle and I will bring it to the next group.


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