CREATE                      CONNECT                                               INSPIRE  

Kids from all over the world together form a tree with their suggestions for the environment.  (more info)   

A.  Primary schoolchildren brainstorm about eco-action.
B.  Every student creates an illustration with their personal eco-message.
C. These works will be copied and
            1. placed on the internet to CREATE the Global Tree,
            2. sent back to the previous country to CONNECT the students,
            3. taken to the next country to INSPIRE the students.  

This will continue all around the world  and the tree will grow bigger and bigger. This Tree will be displayed during an exhibition in Japan, spring 2011.


The movie will show one student in each country doing its daily morning routine from waking up to arriving 
at school and receiving an envelope. This movie will be send back to the previous school.
Movie: Japan
Movie: Holland
Movie: Scottland
Movie: Spain

June 2010 my 
grandfather  turned 100 years old, this was my starting point for traveling around the world.



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